You will find links to LGBT news and articles of interest from local, state and national news sources all available at a click to help keep you in the know!! There is also a link to the Advocate magazine which is full of great interesting articles. So grab a cup of coffee, sit down – relax and catch up on stories that affect your life and see a perspective on the news from the LGBT viewpoint……….Be sure to check back often, as we find stories we will be adding them to our list. Enjoy!!

  Online Newsletters – Magazines

12/1/2015 The Advocate: An LGBT magazine that contains stories of interest for all in the LGBT community 

12/1/2015 ARROWS: CHARTING THE COARSE | QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER: Be sure to check out the Quarterly Newsletter of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance. Older issues are archived here as well!!

12/1/2015 You Have The Right To Be Yourself:  A colorful online LGBT youth magazine that presents topics of interest to youth such as the right to expect and receive equal treatment which is afforded to all students at school, bullying issues and what to do about them and much more. ACLU

12/1/2015 Equality Illinois Publications: You will find the EQIL Insider Scoop Monthly Newsletters from Equality Illinois here. These are a great way to keep up on current events in the state legislature and what is planned and in the works. Older issues are archived here as well!!

12/1/2015 Windy City Times: The voice of Chicago’s GLBTQ community since 1985! You will find news stories from Chicago, our state and the national news arena, current and future happenings in the windy city and much much more here. Enjoy!!

3/25/2016 Human Rights Campaign: Read interesting stories from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on their continual efforts to ensure that the LGBT community is represented in the political/legal battles that mean so much toour everyday lives.