Career – Skills Assessment / Career Search: link to page 1 Have you ever wondered if there are other careers / jobs that you might be happier with or what career / jobs that your particular skillset and interests might be or maybe you are just looking for a new career or field to go into? You will links to self assessment tools that quiz you about what your particular interests or skills are and then lead you to potential careers that might be a good match for you. 

Current Employment/Jobs Listing Boards: link to page 2 You will find links to employment search sites and to HRC’s listings of the top LGBT employers in the country here.

Resume’ Writing – Interview Techniques: link to page 3 You will find many helpful employment search aids such as how to write an effective resume, interviewing techniques, how to manage a job search as a transgender candidate and much more!

Transgender Employee Legal Rights: link to page 4 Learn what your rights are in the state of Illinois as a transgender job seeker. There are links to sites that will help you gain an understanding of your rights and where to go if you feel you have been discriminated against. 

Education – Training – Career

Education – Training – Funding: link to page 5 You will find links to the course catalogs and homepages of many of the local colleges and universities in Illinois as well as links to help you understand the steps involved in obtaining a student loan and / or finding available scholarships.

Career Resources: link to page 6 There are many links to resources for LGBT friendly careers and companies here.