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 Crisis Phone Lines

        * Stop Bullying.Gov: Bullying can affect youth in many ways. They may lose sleep or feel sick. They may want to skip school. They may even be thinking about suicide. If your child is feeling hopeless or helpless or they know someone who is, please call the LIFELINE at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) exit disclaimer.


        * Trevor Project LifelineIf you are a trans or gender-nonconforming LGBT youth (ages 24 and younger) and are considering suicide you can reach the Trevor Project Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386. 


        * Trans LifelineIf you are a trans or gender-nonconforming  LGBT person considering suicide, Trans Lifeline can be reached at 877-565-8860. 


    * Disclaimer: The Crisis Intervention Phone Numbers listed above are not staffed by the PeoriaTransGender Society (PTGS) nor does PeoriaTransGenderSociety (PTGS) promote or provide any support of the Crisis Intervention Phone Numbers listed above. The links to this information are being provided for individuals who feel they have a need for these services. It is the responsibility of the individual using the service to determine the suitability of this service for their own particular case. These phone numbers are in no way meant to be used to take the place of professional medical / psychological / counseling assistance of any individual needing or seeking such help.