7/14/2016 “Healthcare Options Expanding for Transgender Patients in Peoria, Pekin”

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    *Peoria Public Radio WCBU 89.9“Healthcare Options Expanding for Transgender Patients in Peoria, Pekin” b of WCBU  Jul 13, 2016   Great news for the Peoria area!!!!!! Planned Parenthood announced Wed. its centers in Peoria and Pekin will begin offering hormone treatment and preventative care, specifically for transgender patients as soon as Aug. 1. Read the whole article by clicking on the WCBU link above!!!! This wonderful development for the Peoria/Pekin area is transpiring from the TransHealth Forum 2016 and the dedication of several wonderful  individuals, Kris Haley of PTGS and Bethany Hillman of Planned Parenthood Illinois (PPIL).There will be more news & announcements coming soon. Check back here often  as Pam Adams of the PJ Star will be doing a story on these wonderful developments for the transgender community. This story will be posted here as well for your viewing.


    *8/17/2016 Peoria Journal Star “Hormone Therapy Expansion a ‘Godsend’ for Downstate Transgender Community” Our very own Dana Garber was asked to give and granted an interview with the Peoria Journal Star about the upcoming transgender services that Planned Parenthood is launching in the Peoria / Pekin area. The story made the front page…..and it was a very positive story….Great Reading…..please take the time to read this story….!!!!!

    *Read about the developments of the TransHealth Forum 2016 here.